Code Of Practice

What is the CoP?

The RDF Code of Practice (CoP) has been developed by the RDF Industry Group in order to:

  • share and promote good practice across the industry; and
  • increase the confidence of both RDF customers and regulators in the processes and products of scheme members.

The CoP covers the full RDF supply chain – from the arrival of residual waste at waste transfer stations to the point at which RDF is received at a recovery facility. For each stage of the supply chain, it outlines key legislative requirements and recommended good practice. All RDF Industry Group members comply with the CoP, and alongside signatories to the scheme, currently 100% of UK RDF is exported in compliance with the CoP.

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CoP Reporting Procedure

In order to ensure the high standards of the CoP are upheld, all Group members and signatories are required to report to the secretariat their compliance against the relevant CoP stages on an annual basis. The secretariat uses this information to create an annual dashboard report which also provides the opportunity to share current best practice. This document describes the reporting procedure in place for the CoP.  Press the download button and supply a few details about yourself in order to access the document.

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