RDF Industry Group Launches Affiliate Membership Scheme

The RDF Industry Group is pleased to announce the launch of its affiliate membership scheme, giving those involved in the supply chain the opportunity to benefit from being affiliated to the Group and being featured on the Group’s website, access to monthly data and information updates, and accreditation with the Group’s Code of Practice. The scheme was launched at Let’s Recycle’s RDF Conference 2019 on 28th November, which was held in collaboration with the Group.

The Group is open to applications for affiliate membership for 2020. Affiliate members must be positively engaged in the RDF export industry to be eligible to join the Group, and applications will need to be supported by a current member of the Group.

Applications are always open for full membership of the Group as well, which allows members access to the full range of knowledge and resources held by the Group, access to the smaller working groups and three meetings a year including networking dinners. For a summary of the different types of membership available, please see here.

If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with us at rdfindustrygroup@eunomia.co.uk.