New and Emerging Markets Report

The secretariat recently published a report exploring new and emerging waste derived fuel (WDF) markets in Europe. The report was undertaken in response to the recent UN report which discussed the importance of diverting of waste from landfill in Europe to reduce methane emissions.

The report provides a high level overview of six European nations with emerging WDF markers – Italy, Greece, France, Portugal and Spain. These countries were selected due to their heavy reliance on landfill alongside their capacity to transition to improved waste management operations and emerge as WDF markets within Europe.

Accordingly, for each country, the market report explores:

  • Residual waste taxes;
  • Historic and current waste generation and management;
  • Historic and current RDF imports and exports;
  • Current and future residual treatment infrastructure; and
  • Transport infrastructure (shipping and rail).

In order to access an abridged version of the market report (presented at the 2021 RDF Conference), press the download button below and enter a few details about yourself. Members of the RDF Industry Group have access to the full report and should contact the secretariat.

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