Report: CO2 Reduction Potential in European Waste Management

Study Partners and Project Team:

Work conducted jointly by research organisations Prognos and CE Delft, on behalf of the following European Waste Management Associations: FEAD, CEWEP, the RDF Industry Group, and the Dutch Waste Management Association.


This study, building on a previous study conducted by Prognos in 2008, highlights the important contributions by the waste management sector to the EU climate objectives, accounting for avoided emissions for 10 selected waste streams for EU27+UK, based on available statistical data.


Potential CO2emission reductions are examined against the background of recent revisions of the EU waste legislation. The study explores the potential contribution this legislation and the waste management industry could have to reaching the ambition of climate neutrality by 2050 set out in the European Green Deal, as well as the effect of more ambitious targets.

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