Updated Refuse Derived Fuel Code of Practice for the UK

The Code of Practice (CoP), prepared by Eunomia as secretariat to the RDF Industry Group, sets out a framework that shares good practice across the industry. It is intended to increase both customer and regulator confidence in the processes and products of the waste derived fuel industry.

The CoP covers the following stages of the supply chain:

  • Waste arrives at transfer station;
  • Pre-treatment of waste;
  • Preparation for transport;
  • Storage;
  • Transportation;
  • Loading;
  • Export;
  • Unloading;
  • Transportation;
  • Further pre-treatment; and
  • Received at recovery facility.

The Group has developed a logo to go alongside the CoP that Members can display so they can be recognised by those operating in the RDF export supply chain, the Group also supports the use of the CoP by the wider industry.

The secretariat has recently updated the CoP to include an annex providing an overview of they key standards and procedures necessary to ensure representative samples of RDF. The annex has been developed in recognition that the heterogenous nature of both RDF and SRF creates the potential for wide ranging fuels that may not be suitable for a given EfW plant. Therefore, to inform decisions regarding RDF and SRF handling and use, the fuels require precise and representative sampling.

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