Robert Corijn Re-Elected as Chair of RDF Industry Group

RDF Industry Group members have re-elected Robert Corijn for a fourth term as Chair of the Group, with Andy Jones also reprising his role as Vice-Chair for 2021.

Robert is Marketing Manager for Attero B.V., one of the leading Dutch waste management companies, and over the last three years Robert has been instrumental in guiding the Group to overcome the obstacles that the RDF industry has encountered.

Robert commented:

Since first taking up the role of Chair of the RDF Industry Group in 2018, there have been significant challenges that have affected the RDF industry, and 2020 was no different, having seen the roll-out of the Dutch import tax and the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also seeing some countries developing carbon taxes on waste treatment or other import restrictions. The RDF Industry Group is a strong believer in European cooperation – when we all work together, Europe can move much more waste up the waste hierarchy. Moving waste from landfill to recycling and to energy-from-waste provides a huge contribution to carbon savings. Carbon emissions do not know national borders, so our Group will ask policy makers across Europe to consider a global perspective. The Group has also played a vital role in information sharing and supporting our members, and I look forward to continuing to work together in 2021 as we see the waste-derived fuel industry develop, and as any new relationship between the UK and the EU begins.”

Andy Jones, Managing Director of Totus Environmental, will continue his role to support Robert in developing the strategic direction of the Group, particularly on the Group’s work on fuel quality.