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Welcome to the RDF Industry Group

“The RDF Industry Group brings together organisations from across the European waste-derived fuel supply chain, providing a platform to address issues faced by the sector and to explore new opportunities. As Chair of the RDF Industry Group, I work collectively with our members to represent the industry in providing a respected, informed, and expert voice.

The RDF Industry Group was established in January 2015 by environmental consultancy Eunomia (acting as Group secretariat), when a number of waste management companies wanted to come together to explore the opportunities surrounding the movement of waste-derived fuels across national borders within Europe. The Group currently has 39 members representing organisations across Europe. You can find out more about our current members on the Our Members page.

As both the industry and the Group mature, we’re at an important crossroads. The waste-derived fuel industry forms a vital and flexible treatment route for Europe’s waste. In particular, it offers an alternative to landfill – contributing to a potential reduction in CO2 emissions across the waste management supply chain. The industry also faces a number of challenges to the legitimate, environmentally-sound export of waste-derived fuels. We’re working collectively to keep standards high by sharing good practice and committing to the Group’s Code of Practice. Alongside this, the RDF Industry Group provides evidence-based information on the legal, environmental and economic rationales for the export of waste-derived fuels and engages with environmental regulators across Europe and the UK.

The Group welcomes enquiries from prospective members, so if you’d like to find out more about joining us then please see our  Become a Member page. To get in touch, please do so via the secretariat’s details below.”

Andy Jones, RDF Industry Group Chair (Managing Director, Totus Environmental)


Meet the Team 

Chair – Andy Jones, Managing Director, Totus Environmental 

Andy Jones has over 25 years’ experience in the international waste and recycling market and over 15 years’ experience owning and managing waste businesses, covering the alternative fuels and hazardous waste sectors. As a result, Andy has excellent understanding of the challenges facing the market as well as close working relationships with other organisations operating within the sector. As Chair of the Group, he uses his experience and expertise within the industry to shape its direction, provide advice and opinion on topics affecting the sector, and ensure that the Group, its members and outputs are respected and trusted by European stakeholders.  

Vice Chair – Adrian Irvine, WTE Business Development Manager, Re-Gen Waste  

Adrian believes that in today’s ever changing and challenging market it is crucial to be current on the myriad of influences which are affecting the RDF and SRF markets. Taking expert advice on the high-level influences affecting the industry from the secretariat, as Vice Chair of the Group Adrian adds insight on the day-to-day effects that high-level decisions could and are making on the ground. He provides feedback and analysis on where lobbying can influence change for the better for all interested parties in the RDF chain from production, testing and logistics, to end-users.  

Adrian believes that whilst it is vital to keep the finger on the pulse of today, the direction of travel of the industry is the only thing we can influence. Therefore, a multi-level approach is needed to shape the way the industry develops, and influence lobbying on direction of change at all levels within the waste industry. It is Adrian’s vision that all Group member organisations use their opportunity to influence across the industry and fulfil their role in engaging and informing stakeholders in local authorities, education, retail and government departments. 


The secretariat team is made up of experienced waste professionals and policy and market experts, supported by an excellent research team.  

Mike Brown is Managing Director of Eunomia Research & Consulting, and founded the RDF Industry Group in January 2015, with Eunomia acting as secretariat, and continues to support its strategic direction. Mike has 35 years’ experience in the energy and waste sectors, the first 20 of which were in an operational capacity.  

Bethany Ledingham has worked on the secretariat to the RDFIG since the Group’s inception in 2015 and currently supports the Policy Working Group. Bethany has a comprehensive range of experience in the energy and waste management sectors and is Eunomia’s Regulatory Services team lead. She uses her in-depth knowledge of European policy and legislation to support the Group.  

Ian Cessford supports the Quality Working Group. He has been a waste consultant for 12 years, having previously worked in business recovery services at PwC. He has extensive experience in environmental and quality management systems, contractual strategy, market assessment, commercial due diligence and business process auditing for the waste sector.  

Contact Us

Secretariat to the RDF Industry Group Eunomia Research & Consulting

0117 917 2250 rdfindustrygroup@eunomia.co.uk 37 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4QS