Welcome to the RDF Industry Group website. Here you can find out more about waste-derived fuels and the industry, including what happens across the supply chain, about those involved in the Group, and about what the Group has been doing to represent the industry to key stakeholders.

The RDF Industry Group works collectively to provide a platform to address issues faced by the sector and to explore new opportunities. The Group also provides a networking platform for members to make new connections, develop existing relationships and share knowledge and experience.

For more information about the RDF Industry Group, our members and our work, or how to become a member, please browse through this website.

What is RDF?

Current RDF Industry Group members 33 Across Europe

UK’s residual waste exported for treatment 14% (2016)

What is the RDF Industry Group?

The RDF Industry Group is comprised of 33 private sector members spanning the waste-derived fuel supply chain, from major UK and European waste management companies through to businesses across the waste-derived fuel logistics supply chain. It provides a platform for the industry to explore the opportunities and issues surrounding the movement of waste derived-fuels across national borders within Europe and related topics. The Group communicates its work to third parties including to governments and other key stakeholders.

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Events and Conferences 2022

This document details relevant events and conferences to organisations participating in the waste-derived fuel supply chain. Press the download button and supply a few details about yourself in order to access the document.

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New and Emerging Markets Report

The secretariat recently published a report exploring new and emerging waste derived fuel (WDF) markets in Europe. The report was undertaken in response to the recent UN report which discussed the importance of diverting of waste from landfill in Europe to reduce methane emissions. The report provides a high level overview of six European nations […]

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Accessible Fuel Sampling Guide

The secretariat has recently updated the CoP to include an annex providing an overview of they key standards and procedures necessary to ensure representative samples of RDF. The annex has been developed in recognition that the heterogenous nature of both RDF and SRF creates the potential for wide ranging fuels that may not be suitable […]

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Group Welcomes New Member

The RDF Industry Group is pleased to welcome TOMRA Sorting Ltd. as our newest member. TOMRA provides technology-led solutions that enable the recovery and optimisation of resources within the food, mining and recycling industries. TOMRA is focused on working with and demonstrating advanced mechanical recovery and sorting processes through sensor based municipal waste sorting which is […]

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Higher Climate Benefits Thanks To European Waste Management Sector

A new European study to be published in December 2021 will show that the achievement of EU recycling and landfill diversion targets by 2035 will result in a major contribution from the UK and EU Member States towards the Paris Climate Agreement. The study highlights the causality between increased recycling (in line with EU and […]

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