Welcome to the RDF Industry Group website. Here you can find out more about waste-derived fuels and the industry, including what happens across the supply chain, about those involved in the Group, and about what the Group has been doing to represent the industry to key stakeholders.

The RDF Industry Group works collectively to provide a platform to address issues faced by the sector and to explore new opportunities. The Group also provides a networking platform for members to make new connections, develop existing relationships and share knowledge and experience.

For more information about the RDF Industry Group, our members and our work, or how to become a member, please browse through this website.

What is RDF?

Current RDF Industry Group members 37 Across Europe

UK’s residual waste exported for treatment 14% (2016)

What is the RDF Industry Group?

The RDF Industry Group is comprised of 37 members from across the European waste-derived fuel (WDF) supply chain. These encompass companies that produce fuel from residual waste; through those that ship, transport, and test WDF; and those that recover energy from WDF such as energy-from-waste (EfW) facility operators and the cement industry. The Group provides a platform for the industry to explore opportunities and issues surrounding the export of WDF across Europe. The Group communicates its work to third parties including governments and other key stakeholders.

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POPs Consultation Response

In response to DEFRA’s consultation proposing amendments the UK’s Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Regulations, the RDF Industry Group wrote to DEFRA, highlighting our concerns about the commercial and/or technical feasibility of testing for the proposed POPs concentration limits, the infrastructure and sorting capacity required, and potential supply chain disruption. The POPs consultation, in line with […]

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Code of Practice Report 2022

To ensure the high standards of the Code of Practice (CoP) are upheld, all Group members and signatories are required to report their compliance against relevant CoP stages to the secretariat on an annual basis. The secretariat has summarised this information into the below 2022 CoP Dashboard Report. The report sets out anonymised CoP breaches […]

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The Future of RDF Export Market in Europe

In autumn 2022 the secretariat published a report exploring the future of the RDF export market in Europe. The report was undertaken as the second phase in a research series – the first phase (released in November 2021) analysed new and emerging waste-derived fuel (WDF) markets in Europe in response to a UN report which highlighted […]

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Group Welcomes New Member

The RDF Industry Group is pleased to welcome Glanway as our newest member. Glanway diverts household residual waste mainly in the Southern Region of Ireland away from landfill & direct mass burn incineration to our Pre-Processing Facility in Belview Port, Waterford, Ireland. Where the waste is processed extracting valuable raw materials for recycling, biomass for composting […]

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Andy Jones and Adrian Irvine Re-Elected

The RDF Industry Group is pleased to announce that both Andy Jones (Managing Director of Totus) and Adrian Irvine (WTE Business Development Manager at Re-Gen) will be returning as Chair and Vice Chair respectively of the Group for 2024! Andy and Adrian will continue to guide the strategic direction of the Group in the coming year, working […]

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Group Welcomes New Member

The RDF Industry Group is pleased to welcome Ellgia as our newest member. Ellgia was formed in 2011 as a recycling business based in Ely, over the last 11 years the business has developed organically and through acquisitions to the large independent organisation with the four sites, Cambridge, Ely, Boston & Scunthorpe with an accumulated permitted […]

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