Welcome to the RDF Industry Group website. Here you can find out more about RDF and the industry, including what happens to RDF across the supply chain, about those involved in the Group, and about what the Group has been doing to represent the industry to key stakeholders.

The RDF Industry Group works collectively to provide a platform to address issues faced by the sector and to explore new opportunities. The Group also provides a networking platform for members to share knowledge and experience, to develop existing relationships and to make new connections.

For more information about the RDF Industry Group, our members and our work, or how to become a member, please browse through this website.

What is RDF?

Current RDF Industry Group members 32 Across Europe

UK’s residual waste exported for treatment 14% (2016)

What is the RDF Industry Group?

The RDF Industry Group is comprised of 32 private sector members spanning the RDF supply chain, from major UK and European waste management companies through to businesses across the RDF logistics supply chain. It provides a platform for the industry to explore the opportunities and issues surrounding the export of RDF from the UK and Republic of Ireland to mainland Europe. The Group communicates its work to third parties including to governments and other key stakeholders.

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Waste Export: Brexit Briefing Note

The document Waste Export: Brexit Briefing Note details the arguments for RDF export to continue after Brexit. The briefing note makes the argument that as the UK moves towards a more circular economy, RDF exports provide a flexible, and environmentally advantageous treatment route, providing a safety valve for the waste management industry and allowing the UK … Read more

RDF Import from the UK – Presentation

This is a presentation given by Harriet Parke, from the Group’s secretariat, at IFAT 2018 on ‘RDF Import from the UK’. It includes an overview of how the RDF market has developed so far, key market trends, waste volume forecasting and the impacts of EU and UK legislation – including the potential impacts of Brexit. … Read more

RDF Code of Practice – Presentation

This is a presentation given by Bethany Ledingham, from the Group’s secretariat, at NAWDO’s General Meeting on 14th March 2018. It includes a discussion of the benefits the Code of Practice and some of the potential impacts of Brexit on the sector. Press the download button and supply a few details about yourself in order … Read more

SCA Logistics Joins as New Member

SCA UK Logistics Limited has recently joined the RDF Industry Group, taking the total number of RDF Industry Group members to 32. SCA Logistics is a wholly owned UK subsidiary of Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA), a Swedish Forest Products company with operations in sawmills, graphic paper production, kraft paper production, shipping, terminals, warehousing and logistics. … Read more

Exploring RDF at IFAT 2018

The RDF Industry Group, represented by Harriet Parke from the secretariat, recently attended IFAT 2018 – the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. Harriet was a featured speaker at the conference. In a session titled ‘RDF Import from the UK’, Harriet presented an overview of how the RDF market … Read more