Welcome to the RDF Industry Group website. Here you can find out more about RDF and the industry, including what happens to RDF across the supply chain, about those involved in the Group, and about what the Group has been doing to represent the industry to key stakeholders.

The RDF Industry Group works collectively to provide a platform to address issues faced by the sector and to explore new opportunities. The Group also provides a networking platform for members to make new connections, develop existing relationships and share knowledge and experience.

For more information about the RDF Industry Group, our members and our work, or how to become a member, please browse through this website.

What is RDF?

Current RDF Industry Group members 31 Across Europe

UK’s residual waste exported for treatment 14% (2016)

What is the RDF Industry Group?

The RDF Industry Group is comprised of 31 private sector members spanning the RDF supply chain, from major UK and European waste management companies through to businesses across the RDF logistics supply chain. It provides a platform for the industry to explore the opportunities and issues surrounding the export of RDF from the UK and Republic of Ireland to mainland Europe. The Group communicates its work to third parties including to governments and other key stakeholders.

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Code of Practice Report 2019

This document is the first annual dashboard report for the RDF Industry Group’s Code of Practice (CoP). The reporting took place over 2019 and shows the anonymised breaches of the CoP reported by members against the relevant stages of the supply chain and regulations. The dashboard report also shares good practice recommendations for avoiding future […]

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Group Membership Options

This document details the different membership types the Group offers. If you would like to become a member, please apply in writing at rdfindustrygroup@eunomia.co.uk, stating the type of membership you wish to apply for. Press the download button and supply a few details about yourself in order to access the document.

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Impacts of the Proposed Dutch Waste Import Tax

The document Impacts of the Proposed Dutch Waste Import Tax calls on the Dutch government to scrap its proposed waste import tax because it will lead to greater greenhouse gas emissions, as RDF from the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI) is sent to landfill instead. The briefing note sets out that for each tonne of […]

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RDF Industry Group Publishes First Code of Practice Report

Each of the Group’s 31 members reported against their compliance with the Code of Practice in 2019, with only nine minor breaches reported. The RDF Industry Group is committed to sharing good practice across the industry to increase the confidence of both RDF customers and regulators in processes and products, and has published its first […]

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RDF Industry Group Response to COVID-19

The flow of RDF from the UK to off-take facilities in Europe is continuing, with the industry overall functioning well. RDF export is a vital part of the waste management system and plays a significant role in the management of the UK’s residual waste, which must continue unhindered to maintain public and environmental health. Off-take […]

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Dutch Import Tax Impacts RDF Export to the Netherlands

The Dutch government announced in June 2019 the introduction of a waste import tax to take effect from 1st January 2020.  Ever since the announcement of the tax, tonnages of RDF exported from England into the Netherlands have shown a significant decrease. Data from England shows that tonnages have dropped below 100,000 tonnes since August […]

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