RDF Industry Group Response to COVID-19

The flow of RDF from the UK to off-take facilities in Europe is continuing, with the industry overall functioning well. RDF export is a vital part of the waste management system and plays a significant role in the management of the UK’s residual waste, which must continue unhindered to maintain public and environmental health. Off-take […]

Dutch Import Tax Impacts RDF Export to the Netherlands

The Dutch government announced in June 2019 the introduction of a waste import tax to take effect from 1st January 2020.  Ever since the announcement of the tax, tonnages of RDF exported from England into the Netherlands have shown a significant decrease. Data from England shows that tonnages have dropped below 100,000 tonnes since August […]

RDF Industry Group Re-Elects Chair

Robert Corijn, Marketing Manager at Attero B.V. has been re-elected as Chair of the RDF Industry Group for 2020, having held the role since 2018. Robert has been key in driving the Group’s work over 2019 on both EU Exit issues and lobbying against the Dutch waste import tax. As we enter into 2020, Robert […]

Group Launches Dutch Waste Import Tax Briefing Note

The RDF Industry Group has called on the Dutch government to rescind its announcement of a tax of €32 per tonne of waste imported from 1st January 2020. The Group details the arguments against the waste import tax in its new publication: Impacts of the Dutch Waste Import Tax . The Group is warning that […]

Group Responds to Dutch Government’s Proposed Taxes

The Dutch government has announced two new tax proposals with the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions associated with waste management. An RDF import tax of €32 per tonne is foreseen as of January 1st 2020 and a CO2 tax of €30 per tonne of CO2, applicable to the tonnage of CO2 that is to […]

Group Launches Fire Prevention Plan Guidance for Residual Waste

The RDF Industry Group officially launched its sector-specific Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) guidance at its members’ meeting in London yesterday. The guidance has been compiled by the Group to provide advice on the development of FPPs for residual waste and RDF, and is the only specific guidance of its kind for those operating in the […]

Group Represented at Upcoming Industry Conferences

Representatives from the RDF Industry Group are to speak on panels at two upcoming conferences. Andy Jones, Vice Chair of the RDF Industry Group, will be chairing a panel discussion entitled “Fuelling Tomorrow’s Fires: Feedstock Innovation and Evolution” at the World Waste to Energy and Resources Summit in London on May 22nd 2019. The session […]